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  • Why Tha Fyah should I come to this site?
    1. It the only place in the world to hear CrankHall 2. This site will feature dope music of many genres, not just reggae and Go-Go 3. If you are sound system/DJ/producer/brand/band and need DJ drops, Jingles or dubplates cut 4. Dub Dealers looking to advertise thier sessions 5. Artists looking to showcase thier work and promote thier dubs 6. Tons of Tribalistix vybez!
  • What Tha Fyah is CrankHall?
    CrankHall is a hybrid genre of music that combines Reggae artists singing vocals with Washington DC's own form of music, Go-Go. In DanceHall dubplate tradition, artists voice custom songs for sound systems, DJs (Selectors) and producers. CrankHall fuses this tradition, with Go-Go beats aka riddims. The Go-Go riddims can be original riddims prouced electronically, recorded from a live Go-Go band or so called Foundation riddims which are the instrumentals of famous Go-Go songs. For more detailed description check out this video by one of the founders of CrankHall
  • Who Tha Fyah invented this CrankHall stuff?
    Go Go Craig (GGC) came up with the concept of CrankHall Codiac Bentley is the visionary who showed GGC how easy it is to make amazing music, by combining the talents of Jamaican artists with any hot beat

What Tha Fyah explains questions you may have about dancehall reggae dub dubplates making jungle and tons of fun stuff CrankHall and will have tons of content soon Welcome to the CrankHall yall!

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